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New York, New York!

While Hong Kong is home, America has my heart and welcomed me back for the holidays… and is there any place as magical in the lead-up to Christmas as New York City?  From Rockefeller Center to the displays at Saks 5th Avenue to the wondrous excitement of shopping for my nieces and nephews at FAO Shwartz… New York is definitely alive with the holiday spirit.  I hit the shops yesterday armed with free-time and comfortable shoes, but was caught off-guard by my lack of shopping enthusiasm until it really hit me around 5pm as I sat in a cafe listening to a German family sing Christmas carols with their kids “Oh my goodness… it’s Christmas!!!!”  This year, like never before, I need the warmth and cheer of the holidays!

Bright and early this morning my eyes opened with new-found giddiness that I was indeed going to shop, drink the holiday flavored fancy high-calorie drinks at Starbucks, find stocking stuffers for my parents, go back to Rockefeller center to see the tree and ice-skating, and buy a ticket for the Radio City Rockettes, my all-time favorite show.  Today I feel the magic!

If you haven’t been swept into the holiday spirit yet, put on a CD of carols, spend the day out and about, call your Mom, and before you know it, the cheer will warm your heart and you’ll be tasting eggnog and wrapping gifts for your loved ones before you know it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Radio City Rockettes




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