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My Blue Jean Rebellion

The right pair of jeans with the right t-shirt is classically hot and I’ll always love denim.  Sometimes though, a girl just wants to slip into a pair of comfy trousers for everyday life – jetting out to buy milk for example – which are not yoga pants.  Skinny jeans make “slipping into” an impossibility, they flatter so few bodies, and they aren’t comfortable.  Bootcut denim these days is all about looking great  with a 4″ heel due to pant length and the aspect of hip-leg length proportions.  I could just give in and wear jeans and running shoes like Jennifer Garner for the Soccer Mom look… but this doesn’t feel too removed from the aforementioned yoga pant.  I’m a bit tired of blue jeans being all about the backside and less about the freedom to move and relax on the weekends like they were when I was 16.

So… I’ve decided that I will hugely embrace the new upcoming trend of silk trousers.  I feel liberated!  They look pulled together and elegant, while extremely comfortable and lovely for Hong Kong’s tropical climate.  Sure, they verge on pajama territory, but DVF at left shows how it’s done and Marc by Marc Jacobs (see below trousers) has at  least 3 pairs  in IFC Lane Crawford which I spotted last night at their 160th birthday bash ( in for a quick look-see, a flute  of bubbly, and glancing the new Spring collection arrivals).

Rue Madame in IFC and Lee Gardens has a HUGE assortment of silk trousers (I bought a pair in burnt orange/red last week).  Expect to see a huge number of designers carrying these trousers for Spring 2011.  However, lighter colors will make your bum and hips look bigger and will reveal cellulite if you have any.  Wear darker colors and pair with cute flats and a slimmer fitting top so the whole look isn’t baggy.  Buy a pair, wear them, love them… and feel a bit relieved from the skinny jean and leggings trend.

Aside from silk trousers, dresses are a feminine and liberating option.  Have fun with your fashion and try new  things.  Why not?  🙂


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Blue Jeans for Athletic Legs

For Ladies with Athletic Legs:

Finding your soon-to-be favorite pair of jeans is pivotal to your 2010 Fall/Winter wardrobe.  As a person with athletic legs, I know the denim shopping process can be particularly stressful for an otherwise easy-to-dress person.

Typically, when we find jeans which fit over our quads, the waist and hips are too big.  Or, the waist and hips are a perfect fit, but our muscular legs now look like sausages.  Before you begin shopping, know whether you will wear your blue jeans with flat or heeled shoes so you are able to have them altered in the shop (if possible).  It is important to be cool and relaxed during the process, as nothing is more frustrating than trying on clothes in a sweaty rush.  Lastly, ask for feedback.  It’s hard to listen to criticism, but it helps to shop with someone who will be honest.  Below with my opinions and rankings for different denim options for women with beautiful, muscular legs:

*****Classic straight-leg cropped, rolled. Just like the skinny boyfriend, but with a more forgiving leg and less slouchy than the original boyfriend.  My favorite new jean.  These feel fashionable and slim… showing the booty, skimming the thighs, and revealing the ankle and calf.  They look effortless and cool and will be wonderful for the rest of summer with strappy sandals… and with an ankle boot for fall.  I purchased mine at 7 For All Mankind and have seen many celebs wearing similar cropped looks these days.

*****Boot-leg jeans. Unfortunately, this jean takes me back to circa 2000 with the flare that balances the hips… so be careful when buying bootleg that there are updated, fashionable details on the jeans such as distressed interest, or some design detail which is modern.  The flare should be subtle and not bell-bottomish.  I suggest wearing with high heels for a long, lean leg.  Your backside is almost guaranteed to look great in these.  Wear with a top that shows your backside and is not too long or over-sized.  These jeans also look stunning with a suit jacket or blazer for a dressed-up/dressed-down look.  As always, for a slimmer look, go with a dark, clean wash.  I like True Religion for their Boot-leg jeans – the stitching is unique and creates a slim leg illusion.

****Wide leg jeans. These are great for athletic legs for a more laid-back vibe.  Shop till you drop to find the perfect pair, in a darker wash and then wear it with a top that has less volume so it balances all the fabric on your lower half.

***Skinny jeans are harder for us, but it is the look of the moment.  Acne and J Brand are the only skinny jeans I like.  Go with slightly heavier weight and darker wash denim that is not too stretchy.  I highly recommend saving skinnies for cooler months, tucked into knee-high boots with a longer top, jacket, or scarf hanging down past the widest part of your hips.  The skinny jean is not the focus of the outfit and you shouldn’t show too much leg in this look.  Stay away from thigh pockets, skinny cargos, and skinny pants with any horizontal detailing across your thighs/quads.

***Flare jeans. Really hit or miss with this style which evokes a more hippy-dippy feeling.  I suggest wearing a more slim top which hits at the waist level if you are slim, or a peasant-style loose top if you are not.  Pair with an attractive belt and a shoe that has appeal when it peeks out from beneath the flare.  As an exception to the rule, this style tends to look fabulous in a lighter wash for a more worn-in look.

**Leggings & Jeggings – A similar aesthetic to skinny jeans, but often more comfortable and less flattering.  These are cute with an even longer top/dress, and high-heels or ballet flats for casual day-to-day excursions.  Sometimes tucking into boots works if the fabric doesn’t bunch at the knees or at the tops of your boots.

**Boyfriend jeans. Not my favorite trend.  It usually looks somewhat  frumpy and unfeminine on most people.  I feel shapeless in this style, though I think 45 RPM makes the cutest options, and in lovely denim quality and true indigo.  This is a great alternative to the classic Mom-Jean if you must.

*Straight-leg jeans are currently slimmer than in previous seasons and tend to look like skinny jeans on muscular legs.  However, they won’t do us too many favors and are only worthwhile if a pair makes the hips and backside look perfect.  These are so-so in my book and I think either go skinny, or go boot… but straight isn’t my cup of tea.

*Skinny boyfriend jeans. I love this trend on celebrities, but after trying on 10 pairs of skinny boyfriend jeans today, I’m here to tell you that this is not our look.  Baggy bum, tight calves, tight thighs, loose waist – worst of every world.  Again – love the look, but it doesn’t suit stronger, thicker legs.

Mom jeans – AKA anything with the double threat: pleat and high-waist.  Pleats tend to make hips and thighs look larger, so try to find trousers with a flat front, and extra stretch for comfort.  Try the brand “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” which have been receiving positive feedback as the socially acceptable and ultra flattering “Mom Jean”.

The below link will take you to another blog all about blue jeans for different body types with prices and photos.

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