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4 Deserts Race Sahara – One month to go!

Hello Friends,

It has been a busy few weeks preparing for the upcoming 250 kilometer 4 Deserts race across part of the Egyptian Sahara (  Little thought went into to the challenge ahead when I quickly paid the US$3,000+ registration fee… I simply felt drawn toward the excitement of discovering such a vastly different destination on foot.  Weeks later, I began to wonder whether this was a bit of craziness I had gotten myself into, considering I haven’t even attempted a basic marathon.  Fortunately, Racing The Planet, which organizes the event, has a pretty amazing team of people who have invited me on 3 different outings/events in August alone to prepare for the adventure, meet the like-minded enthusiasts, and mentally prepare myself.

Speaking of preparation, I have spent a small fortune on gear!  Who knew you could buy a sleeping bag that scrunched down to nothing and weighs just 1 lb?  How about Injinji socks – neat little things that individually cover each toe like a foot glove to prevent blisters.  Or, dehydrated meals?  I had never known they existed one month ago… and now I know the brands, freezing methods, taste differences, caloric values, etc.  Simply preparing for this race has become an experience and opened my eyes to an entirely new lifestyle available to me – to us all.

Honestly, I feel inspired already just from the people I’ve met and their positive energy for living cleaner, healthier, more fulfilled lifestyles.  They have a different look in their eyes – perhaps from the places they traveled and the challenges from past races?  A discovery of some kind?  Whatever it is, I want it… and I have one more month of training and preparation before my fight arrives in Cairo until I find it.  I’m on my way!


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International and Asian Races and Adventures

Hello Friend,

It’s time to consider entering a local or international event, race, or challenge.  These positive activities are perfect for meeting new people, getting inspired and fit, and discovering new areas.  Options are endless but include a walk for cancer awareness, a 5K run, a triathlon, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, hiking the Appalachian Trail, or even a Muddy Buddy race (pictured above my awesome BFF Emily in her recent Muddy Buddy race).   Check out different races and activities available in your area, or consider joining a competition in another country or state.  Below with links to websites with details of exciting competitions all around the world and in Asia:

Asia Races

Other International Races

Good luck on your next race!

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Join me for Sahara Race Eqypt Oct 3, 2010!

Hello Friends

As this is my first post, I am happy to announce I have decided to run/walk in the Sahara Race in Egypt in October to raise money for the charity Hope for Children. Kindly see below for donation information.

I couldn’t be more excited – and nervous.  This event is hosted by and promises to be “a life-enhancing experience for all and life-changing experience for many”.  Obviously, the half-marathon for HK Standard Charter Bank in Feb. 2010 has given me a HUGE leg-up on the competition, thus allowing me to totally dominate the course.  Kidding!  I’m going to have to kick my workouts into top gear to be ready, but isn’t that part of the fun?  Getting prepared and having a goal for which we strive and push ourselves is what a lot of us love.  Motivation!   Knowing there is something different to challenge us or awaken an excitement within us.

I’ve been toying with this idea for a few weeks, but I’m here now saying I’m going to do it.  I still need to pay, but hold me to it, or better yet, join me to train for it and sign up to do it as well.  We  have 3 full months to prepare and I welcome a partner for this mind-over-matter adventure.  If desert races aren’t your thing, what are you planning in your future that will push you to greater experiences?  Trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro or a 5K race in the autumn?  Think of something that will motivate you and make yourself proud.  Be awesome!

I am running to help raise funds for HOPE for Charity.  If you care to donate, kindly refer to the below donation details.  Thank you!

The charity’s account details (Hong Kong):

HSBC Account no: 813-284411-001; Hope for Children

Reference mentioned “Jennie Running The Sahara”


Cheque payable to “Hope for Children (Hong Kong) limited”

GPO Box 947, Hong Kong

Please reference “Jennie Running The Sahara” on the back of the cheque

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