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Horizontal Stripes are OK

Horizontal stripes have been a fashion faux-pas for years… right next to tight white jeans – AVOID, AVOID, AVOID unless you’re very slim.  The good news is, horizontal stripes in the correct pattern and size will make you look slimmer… just like wearing the wrong vertical stripes will make you look wider.


Thin horizontal stripes, evenly spaced, contrasting tone (navy/white; red/white, etc) or very muted – such as the Isabel Marant shirt pictured above.  Thin stripes work well to slim because the eye will see the pattern and keep moving up and down along the pattern.  This look is especially popular in the classic Breton sailor style in both snug-fit knit shirts and dresses.   These days, a good look is throwing a blazer or jacket over a striped shirt with a pair of chic jeans.

Thin vertical stripes – a safe bet, these stripes will elongate and slim.

Very wide horizontal stripes in 2 tones are very popular now.  The bold color and pattern should not be worn too snug (unless you have a rockin’ bod) and is best bought a bit over-sized and matched with slim-fit jeans or a slim skirt to balance the proportions.  The below is Kate Moss wearing Isabel Marant – my favorite designer.

Descending horizontal stripes and color:  a flattering look is a top or dress with horizontal stripes that become thinner and more closely spaced towards the waist as seen below in Eva Longoria Parker‘s dress.  She accentuates her waist with a bold belt.  Also nice is wearing a brighter color on the top, and darker color at the waist and below to create an hour-glass shape.  See dress below.

AVOID – thick vertical stripes.  The eye will count the number of stripes and make you appear wider.

AVOID – horizontal multi-colored stripes in bright colors.  It is an unflattering and widening look unless you are very young.

A good rule of thumb when you are in doubt – go for it.  It’s only fashion… be confident and look terrific!


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Dressing Your Bump: Maternity Style Solutions

Perfecting the art of dressing your bump in style is the first step to becoming a Yummy-Mummy.  Read below for the essential maternity clothing style tips:

  • Keep your sense of personal style.  A nine month pregnancy is not a small amount of time, so choose outfits that reflect your style rather than simply buying something because it fits.  Many of your favorite designers offer maternity collections and most large brands ship internationally.
  • Create a capsule wardrobe of 10 pieces which all work together.  Purchase basics in 2-3 neutral colors (black, brown, cream, tan, grey, olive, khaki, white, beige, navy) with accessories and layering pieces in 2 accent colors (bright red, soft pink, royal blue, lavender, etc)  with 1 or 2 patterned pieces (pattern should have at least one of the neutral colors and one accent).  Accessories should be neutral or in one of your accent colors.  This ensures everything easily mixes and matches for comfort layering and a put-together look.
  • Pay attention to the pattern.   Printed dresses worn alone and printed long tops paired with plain leggings/jeans are easy and stylish choices for Moms-to-be because they require fewer accessories and are easy to mix and match.  The right print will de-emphasize large hips and thighs.  Look for dresses with relatively smaller prints on the hips and thighs, and large pattern on the bust or upper torso.  The idea is to keep the eyes moving over your less favorite areas and more focused on your face or body parts you like.  As always, vertical stripes are generally slimming, and wide horizontal stripes should be avoided.
  • Try the celebrity maternity style by opting for non-maternity empire-waist dresses, stretchy skirts and jersey tops.  It is über stylish to dress in non-maternity tops and dresses if the fit is accommodating for your bump.
  • Style essentials: long maxi dresses, wrap dresses, maternity jeans, and a few figure-hugging maternity tops are key elements for your new wardrobe.
  • Ballet flats, wedge heels, and pretty flat sandals are beautiful alternatives to running shoes and flip flops –> but bring along your super comfortable shoes in the car or handbag in-case feet swell to uncomfortable proportions.
  • Pedicures, manicures, facials, blow-outs, spray tans, and lots of beauty sleep will have you looking polished and glowing.  When the hair and skin is perfect, you can just throw on a man’s white button down and look hot – so when all else fails, book a wash and blow-dry at your salon and you’ll be golden.

Share your own advice at the bottom if there are tricks and lessons you’ve learned along the way.

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