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Hey Adventure-lovers – check out – a website set up by a friend of mine I met during the Sahara Race.  This is a special site for those who love adventures, races, and expeditions.  It is an information sharing site for those who want additional information for training, packing, and preparing for an event such as a marathon, ultra marathon, hike, or expedition.  If you have something to add, create a page and share your experiences with a blog and advice for others to learn and enjoy your experiences.


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International and Asian Races and Adventures

Hello Friend,

It’s time to consider entering a local or international event, race, or challenge.  These positive activities are perfect for meeting new people, getting inspired and fit, and discovering new areas.  Options are endless but include a walk for cancer awareness, a 5K run, a triathlon, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, hiking the Appalachian Trail, or even a Muddy Buddy race (pictured above my awesome BFF Emily in her recent Muddy Buddy race).   Check out different races and activities available in your area, or consider joining a competition in another country or state.  Below with links to websites with details of exciting competitions all around the world and in Asia:

Asia Races

Other International Races

Good luck on your next race!

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