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Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty

Last night was a blast – Valentine’s Night, Janet Jackson concert in Wan Chai, a group of friends, dancing… a bit of drinking… a bit more dancing.  Great time!  Miss Jackson put on an energetic show and the crowd was actually dancing and engaged – or maybe that was just our group 🙂  One thing I noticed in all this fun was the way everyone took pleasure in dressing up and getting a bit kitted-out for the concert.  Fur coats, dresses, gems, a bit of rock and roll, knee-high boots and skin tight jeans, sexy heels, and huge smiles.  I loved it and it was great to see Hong Kong show up.

Concerts and shows are opportunities for men and women both to cut loose and remember the teenager within them from when some of these artists originally released tracks.  When Janet sung “Again” from 1993 I was transported to 13 years old and care-free… and that is the beauty of going to a concert and having a great time with good people.  Sometimes we need to forget about the details, the designer labels, the face creams, and hair hi-lights and what people think about us… and just go for it.  At the end of the day, it’s about having fun and feeling 13 again in blue jeans with friends.


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International and Asian Races and Adventures

Hello Friend,

It’s time to consider entering a local or international event, race, or challenge.  These positive activities are perfect for meeting new people, getting inspired and fit, and discovering new areas.  Options are endless but include a walk for cancer awareness, a 5K run, a triathlon, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, hiking the Appalachian Trail, or even a Muddy Buddy race (pictured above my awesome BFF Emily in her recent Muddy Buddy race).   Check out different races and activities available in your area, or consider joining a competition in another country or state.  Below with links to websites with details of exciting competitions all around the world and in Asia:

Asia Races

Other International Races

Good luck on your next race!

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Stress During Pregnancy – Implicated in Preterm Birth and Low Birthweight


Hello Friends and Mums-to-be:

Did you know your baby’s weight is affected by your stress levels?  According to an interesting research paper from The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, stress during the first trimester of pregnancy causes preterm birth and reduced infant birthweight (Zhu P, Tao F, Hao J, et al., 2010).  The researchers studied the effects of an expectant mother’s exposure to ‘severe life events’ throughout the phases of pregnancy by sampling 1800 women, all of whom delivered after 32 week’s gestation.  Results indicate that women with higher levels of life stress during the first and/or second trimester have an increased risk of preterm birth.  The unit of perceived stress during the first trimester reduced birthweight by 99.09 grams (3.5oz).  Therefore, pregnant women and women expecting to become pregnant should take care to avoid severe stress, especially in the first trimester.

 Previously, the effects of stress on the fetus during pregnancy were unknown, but researchers did know the stress hormone cortisol was higher in the amniotic fluid when a mother had a high level of stress and cortisol (Sarkar et al., 2007).  This means that when a mother becomes stressed out, her unborn baby will release the same hormone.  Prolonged exposure to cortisol leads to illness, depression, and exhaustion in adults… and we now know that it adversely affects unborn infants as well. 

So, it’s time to relax and enjoy being pregnant as much as possible.  Regular exercise, meditation, and emotional support has never been more important.  I found interesting and helpful advice on coping with stress during pregnancy at this website:


Zhu P, Tao F, Hao J, et al. Prenatal life events stress: implications for preterm birth and infant birthweight. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2010;203:34.e1-8.

Sarkar p, Bergman K, Fisk NM, O’Connor TG, Glover V. Ontogeny of foetal exposure to maternal cortisol using midtrimester amniotic fluid as a biomarker 2007 Clinical Endocrinology 66 (5), 636–640.

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Ayurveda with Dr. Avinash R. Tiwari

Hello Friends,

I was recently awakened to a new concept of diet, health, and color after embracing an afternoon of Ayurveda in the tranquil setting of Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives with Ayurvedic Physician Dr. Avinash R. Tiwari (as pictured above).  The remote island, provides a haven to consider alternative lifestyle techniques such as Ayurveda, the ancient Indian “science of life”  based on body health in relation to diet, excercise, and sleep.   Essentially, the body, mind, and spirit are based on three doshas, which are your elemental composition (fire, air, water, space, and earth), thus determining diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications.   If you are not able to seek out an Ayurvedic doctor, try for a quick quiz which will reveal your dosha and reveal your specific diet and lifestyle modifications.

As an image consultant, people often ask me what color looks the best for them to wear.  I much prefer to consider the Ayurvedic philosophy of personality related to color and how that color makes you feel.  Suppose your feeling a bit tired, try to wear a bold yellow or orange tie to perk your spirits.  If you’ve been feeling more aggressive or on-edge, select white or light blue to calm your senses.  Image is not only the way you look in the mirror, but how you are perceived on the whole… which includes your moods.  Neutralize your moods and sensitivities with Ayurvedic-based changes in color, fragrance, food, music, breathing practices, temperture, and past-times.

Interestingly, Dr. Tiwari accurately concluded during our consult that I am primarily a fire/Pitta dosha, indicative of a competitive, aggressive, and organized personality.  Fire doshas favor consuming non-spicy foods and should consider sweet, bitter, and astringent diets based heavily on fruits and vegetables, wear light colors, favor jasmine and chamomile, gardening, soft music, and meditation.  Now, back in Hong Kong, I have been applying the Ayurvedic principles for one week and feel magnificent!  I recommend considering color and food choices to anyone looking for positive, quick, lost-cost, low-effort lifestyle adjustments.

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