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Arranging a Date: Logistics and Charm

Hello Romantics,

Whether you are in a well-established relationship or fresh on the dating scene, these strategies might help you be more charming and allow you to focus on the excitement of an evening out, rather than the logistics.

Reservations: Ensure a table with a view, check the dress code, put both of your names on the list, or Mr & Mrs. So-and-So (so they greet you both – nice touch), and ask about the corkage fee for bringing your own bottle of wine.  If you are buying movie/performance tickets, aisle seats are generally preferred and it is charming to smuggle a little surprise treat into the show to share.

Coordination: Embarrassingly, I am a firm believer in coordinating outfits 😉 …not matching, but in-sync with one another.  Ideally, colors and style will be somewhat balanced so you both feel comfortable and look nice together as a couple.  Communicate about what he/she will wear and remember the restaurant’s dress code.

Transportation: Summer in Hong Kong guarantees walking anywhere will leave you rumpled, sweaty, and flustered from the heat and humidity.  Insist to pick your date up or arrange the reservation with enough time to allow for rush-hour traffic in a taxi.

Rendezvous: Meeting at the table in the restaurant never feels right.  As a couple, you lose the sensation of making an entrance, a warm greeting, and the full-body first impression of the evening – one of you will already be seated at the table.  I suggest arriving together or meeting in the lobby or lounge.  Ladies should not carry their own drinks from the cocktail area to the table.

Ordering:  Sharing is a wonderful way to bond over food.  Personally, I love discussing the menu and building the meal as a team… then the man orders in a gentlemanly way.  It’s charming!

Dessert: Any romantic date would feel incomplete without dessert.  Order it to share, even if you are both stuffed.  Again – charming!

After the Date: I guess it depends on how charming you both were to each other….

Enjoy, and remember to drive sober to arrive home safely.


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