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Necessary Evils of Beauty: Facial Threading (1)

Hello Friends – I will write a blog each day for the next week about the necessary evils of beauty.  I’m referring to the habits of women (and men perhaps) who truly know how to maintain their looks, and have the time and money to do so.  I’ll start with facial threading….

I was just 16 when I told my best friend that her make-up powder was getting caught in her heavy facial hair.  Whoops!  She was sweet enough to forgive my trademark brutal honesty, but as far as I know, never actually removed her cheeky fuzz.  I suffer from the same problem, as do many women.  Although I’m very fair and blond, fine fuzz loves to grow on my cheeks, chin, lip, eye brows, etc.  We are animals, after all and this is completely normal.  However, there is no excuse for a well-groomed woman to be hairy.  Sorry, but facts are facts.

I endure a painful process each month to have my entire face threaded, which leaves it completely smooth for even make-up application and an overall more flattering appearance.  In contrast with waxing, threading looks very natural and does not leave patches of baldness on your brow and lip area.  Although slightly more expensive and time-consuming than waxing, it is more gentle and eliminates the chance for skin removal, burns, and scaring.  Threading is an ancient skill not available in all salons, and a talented therapist will help provide the fastest and pain-free experience.  Book an appointment with Betty Leung at the Mandarin HK, show up sans make-up, and just know you’ll be a bit red afterwards.  ‘Tis the price of beauty my dears.  If you cannot bear the thought of threading, take care to prevent heavy powder build-up on your whiskers and know that direct sunlight is not your best look.  😉


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