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Hey Adventure-lovers – check out – a website set up by a friend of mine I met during the Sahara Race.  This is a special site for those who love adventures, races, and expeditions.  It is an information sharing site for those who want additional information for training, packing, and preparing for an event such as a marathon, ultra marathon, hike, or expedition.  If you have something to add, create a page and share your experiences with a blog and advice for others to learn and enjoy your experiences.


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  1. Anand Patel says:

    Fantastic blog with reference to your challenge last year! Truly admirable.

    I have been looking to take part in the 4dessert challenge. Planning to do the Sahara Dessert challenge in Oct 2011, then one each year after that. Funds to be raised for our Family Foundation launching in August this year. Donating money within the Arts and Conservation sectors.

    Do you recommend any planning sites, for fitness etc?

    What’s your next adventure?

    • Hi Anand,

      Next adventure planning is in the works, as I’m starting to get that familiar craving. I definitely recommend a 4Desert challenge and find their website and tips extremely helpful for packing, training, and expectations.

      I recommend buying the book “Fixing Your Feet” – it provides critical info for care during races. I would also suggest you buy a weighted vest or wear a backpack with 20 lbs of rice in it… wear this as often as possible, everywhere possible for one month. Many blogs on 4Deserts discuss how the racers trained (personally, I should have done much more) and how they fared. Training your mind is equally important for mental strength and serenity.

      best wishes!

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