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Workout Music to Motivate – 3

Hello Fitness Lovers,
Move your bod with these 10 songs that flow with a workout perfectly from the minute you press play.  Crank it up and sweat it out!  Even if you just dance around in your socks in front of your mirror at home   🙂  To start us off right, a bit of Ton Loc  – Let’s do it!

  1. Wild Thing – Tone-Loc
  2. On to the Next One – (feat. Swizz Beatz) Jay-Z
  3. Booty Bounce Bopper – The Pack
  4. I Like It (feat. Pitbull) – Enrique Iglesias
  5. OMG (feat. – Usher
  6. Remedy – Little Boots
  7. Dance In the Dark – Lady GaGa
  8. I Like It – (feat. Dolla Will) Too $hort
  9. Work  – (feat. Missy Elliott) Ciara
  10. Erotic  – Keyshia Cole

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