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Healthy Take-away Lunches in Hong Kong

 Balanced, nutritious, and moderate diets are essential to achieve optimum health, fitness, and happiness, but it is not always easy when you’re on-the-go.  Below with the most popular and conveniently located take-away lunch options in Hong Kong:  

  1. Dressed, Salads with Style – they offer fantastic salads, soups, and wraps:
  2. Life Cafe – organic restaurant/cafe with unique and delicious food for take-away or dining in:
  3. Mix – convenient cafes with wraps, smoothies, fruit cups, and salads: 
  4. Pret-A -Manger – healthy options (not all) for dine in and take-away soups, salads, and sandwiches: 
  5.  Cru – Sai Kung.  They have a large menu and it’s not all healthy, but I particularly like their salads and many appetizers. 
  6.  Simplylife, Bread and Wine;  Particularly the take-away/dine-in selection at the IFC for the wide selection of vegetable salads and soups.  They sometimes use too much oil, but the variety of vegetables makes up for it.  Beware of their cheesy bread, pastries, and sandwiches… not as healthy.;
  7. RED – located in IFC on podium 4 & connected to Pure Fitness, this restaurant makes a great effort to offer delicious & healthy salads, sandwiches, and side dishes:
  8. Larger supermarkets such as City Super, Great, 360, and Taste sell items you might consider for lunch: yogurt, 1/2 sandwich, salad, roasted chicken leg, sushi, etc.   

I have heard that the following restaurants are excellent for healthy and organic options for lunch and dinner, but have yet to try:   

Bookworm – Lamma Island – 

Eden – perfect for lunch or dinner 16 Arbuthnot Rd, Central, 2868 0625. Mon-Sat noon-11pm. Meal for two: around $600

Beo – Hong Kong Island 

 ** If you have suggestions for additional healthy places to eat, please leave a comment and share your experiences. 


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