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Join me for Sahara Race Eqypt Oct 3, 2010!

Hello Friends

As this is my first post, I am happy to announce I have decided to run/walk in the Sahara Race in Egypt in October to raise money for the charity Hope for Children. Kindly see below for donation information.

I couldn’t be more excited – and nervous.  This event is hosted by and promises to be “a life-enhancing experience for all and life-changing experience for many”.  Obviously, the half-marathon for HK Standard Charter Bank in Feb. 2010 has given me a HUGE leg-up on the competition, thus allowing me to totally dominate the course.  Kidding!  I’m going to have to kick my workouts into top gear to be ready, but isn’t that part of the fun?  Getting prepared and having a goal for which we strive and push ourselves is what a lot of us love.  Motivation!   Knowing there is something different to challenge us or awaken an excitement within us.

I’ve been toying with this idea for a few weeks, but I’m here now saying I’m going to do it.  I still need to pay, but hold me to it, or better yet, join me to train for it and sign up to do it as well.  We  have 3 full months to prepare and I welcome a partner for this mind-over-matter adventure.  If desert races aren’t your thing, what are you planning in your future that will push you to greater experiences?  Trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro or a 5K race in the autumn?  Think of something that will motivate you and make yourself proud.  Be awesome!

I am running to help raise funds for HOPE for Charity.  If you care to donate, kindly refer to the below donation details.  Thank you!

The charity’s account details (Hong Kong):

HSBC Account no: 813-284411-001; Hope for Children

Reference mentioned “Jennie Running The Sahara”


Cheque payable to “Hope for Children (Hong Kong) limited”

GPO Box 947, Hong Kong

Please reference “Jennie Running The Sahara” on the back of the cheque


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